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    To save our beloved country Nigeria from the present decay economy, unrest and other several situation tanishing the image of the country, we believe it is important that there is a change in Nigeria.

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    We believe to build a Nigeria of our dreams, it take a collective decision to put an end to bad governance by every great Nigerian, home and abroad


About ACLN


East or West, South or North, Home is the best. That statement was a reality to Nigerians studying abroad in the 70's & 80's, with eagerness to complete their studies and return to their country flowing with milk and honey. This is contradictory to current situation in our beloved country that their citizens are selling all their properties to run away from insecurity, poverty, and bleak future to foreign countries for self enslavement. Where is our old country Nigeria? We want our country back. A country that was a center of African continent, enviable pillar to the whole world, led by visionary and selfless leaders.

Here's the opportunity again to make the choice either to remain in perpetual slavery in foreign lands and in our own country, or to free ourselves from slavery by voting for the rightful, visionary and selfless leaders who will lead us to the promise land.

  • Christian and Muslim, Southern and Northern, rich and poor, young and old, man and woman. We are all citizens of Nigeria. There is no dividing line among us that I care to honour. Either we advance as one or fail altogether.
    Muhammed Buhari
  • More importantly, we must also forcefully resist those who wish to set out society on the path of religious conflict. The recent past was unfortunate, the present is Not Good Enough; and it is our duty to create a future that should become a model for all multi-religious societies.
    Muhammed Buhari
  • We must get together or we shall all get it together. Our two principal religions share a heritage that ought to be used to forge links between our Muslims and Christians. Both arc revealed, monotheistic faiths that teaches tolerance and peaceful co-existence” Whosoever therefore in the name of either religion preaches intolerance is clearly an adherent of neither, and our society must evolve a way of unmasking the hidden agenda at work.
    Muhammed Buhari

Our Commitment

We Stand For Change. Nigerians Need a Change

It is now a common saying abroad that Nigerian officials are not just corrupt but that corruption is official in Nigeria. Indeed, corruption is behind all the major socio-economic problems in power sector, oil and gas sector, infrastructure development and governance.

We stand for change and Credible Leadership, but the present Government has not provided trusted leadership and security. This is responsible for persistent unrest in Niger-Delta; Jos, Bauchi and Borno; Widespread Kidnapping; Bomb Explosions; Unsolved Assassinations.

We used to be the giant of Africa. Nigeria has lost its leadership position. Our reputation went down because of widespread looting in government; disrespect to the rule of law; national resource mismanagement; dubious national debts; infrastructure decay etc. Other countries are now mocking our inability to transform the available huge resources to sustainable development.

Hence, We Need a Change, Because Nigerians Deserve a Change.

Why Buhari?

We Stand For Change. Nigerians Need a Change

"We must explore every opportunity to save our country. This is a historic moment when several different political parties have resolved to come together to change Nigeria for the better and stop the mindless drift that has been going on for the last fifteen years. We must understand and accept that we are to make history or forever stand accused and condemned by it. We must seize this moment that calls for patriotism and sacrifice-it is time to sacrifice everything-time , resources, ambition and ego—for the greater good. We should carry this process through to a successful conclusion, and leave our legacy and foot-prints on the history of Nigeria."

Muhammadu Buhari GCFR

Meet the Change Team

Major General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) was born on December 17, 1942, in the town of Daura in the former Katsina province of the then Northern Nigeria. He went to Primary School in Daura and Mai'adua from 1948 – 1952, before proceeding to Katsina middle School in 1953. He attended the Katsina Provincial Secondary School (now Government College Katsina) from 1956 – 1961. Upon graduation from Secondary School in 1961, the young Buhari went to the Nigerian Military Training School, Kaduna in 1963.

In October of the same year, he was sent to the officers' Cadet School in Aldershot in the United Kingdom and was thereafter commissioned Second Lieutenant in 1963 and posted to the 2nd Infantry Battalion, Abeokuta as Platoon Commander in 1963. A contemporary of his in Aldershot said he was like "an only pebble in the beach, a star in his calm and calculating disposition."

It was at the Abeokuta Garrison that the real traits of a great soldier were identified in the young man. From 1963 – 1964 he was sent for further training on the Platoon Commanders' Course at the Nigerian Military College, Kaduna. In 1965, he went for the Mechanical Transport Officers’ Course at the Army Mechanical Transport School in Borden, England. He also attended the Defence Services' Staff College, Wellington, India in 1973 and to the United States Army War College from June 1979 to June 1980. A thorough-bred soldier, General Muhammadu Buhari has held several impressive Command and Staff appointments since 1963, including the following:

Platoon Commander, 2nd Infantry Battalion, 1963 - 1964.

Mechanical Transport Officer, Lagos Garrison, 1964 - 1965

Transport Company Commander, 2nd Infantry Brigade 1965 - 1966;

Battalion Adjutant / Commander, 2nd Infantry Brigade 1966 - 1967;

Brigade Major, 2nd Sector, 1st Infantry Division, April to July 1967;

Brigade Major, 3rd Infantry Brigade, August 1967 - October 1968;

Acting Commander, 4th Sector, 1st Division November 1968 - February 1970;

Commander, 31st Infantry Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, February 1970 - June 1971;

Assistant Adjutant-General, 1st Infantry Division Hqrs., July 1971 - Dec. 1972;

Colonel, General Staff, 3rd Infantry Div. Hqrs. Jan. 1974 - Sept. 1974.

Acting Director, Supply and Transport, Nigeria Army Corps of supply and Transport, September 1974 - July 1975;

Military Governor, North Eastern State of Nigeria, August 1975 - March 1976;

Federal Commissioner for Petroleum Resources, March 1976 to June 1978;

Chairman, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, June 1978 - July 1978;

Military Secretary, Army Headquarters July 1978 – June 1979;

Member Supreme Military Council, March 1976 – June 1979;

General Officer Commanding, 4th Infantry Division, Aug. 1980 - Jan. 1981;

General Officer Commanding, 2nd Mechanised Infantry Division, Jan. 1981 - October 1981;

General Officer Commanding 3rd Armed Division Nigerian Army, October 1981 - December 1983.

Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, December 1983 - August 1985.

Good education, military training, nature, character, experience and proven record are the foundations upon which the exemplary leadership of this remarkable man is built. These are the qualities General Muhammadu Buhari is bringing into the future of Nigeria. In recognition of his numerous and enviable contributions towards the development of this country, General Buhari has been conferred with a number of national awards. He is the recipient of the following:

GCFR Grand Commander of the Federal Republic CFR Commander of the Federal Republic DSM Defence Service Medal NSM National Service Medal GSM General Service Medal LSGCM Loyal Service and Good Conduct Medal FSS Force Service Staff CD The Congo Medal

It was during his tenure that the Nigerian National Oil Corporation and the Ministry of Petroleum Resources were reorganised to form the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), and he became its first Chairman, a job he performed without blemish. He masterminded and spearheaded the construction of 20 oil depots throughout the country, a project involving over 3200 kilometres of pipelines. Under his leadership both Warri and Kaduna Refineries were built. He drew up the blueprint for the country's petro-chemical and liquefied natural gas programmes all without even a hint of scandal. Today, Nigerians recall with nostalgia the probity, accountability and honesty and above all thorough and efficient management of public funds demonstrated by the leadership of General Muhammadu Buhari in all public institutions he worked. Having endeared himself to the masses, General Muhammadu Buhari is first a family man. He is married to Aisha Buhari and they have eight children.

To save our beloved country Nigeria, we the Association for Credible Leadership of Nigeria, USA believes it's important that there is a change in Nigeria governance. Hence, we've decided to fully throw our weight behind the candidate that we believe can deliver the change that we so desire. The Buhari and Osinbanjo Team we see as Change Agent and we believe will change and savage the present situation in the country.

Born on March 8th 1957 in Lagos, Professor Oluyemi Oluleke Osinbajo is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and Senior Partner in the Law firm SimmonsCooper Partners. A professor of law, he was the Head of Department of Public Law at the University of Lagos from 1997 to 1999. Regarded as one of the finest advocates in Nigeria, he studied at the University of Lagos, Nigeria (LLB, 1978) and the London School of Economics (LLM, 1980).

With over 31 years of litigation experience, he served as the Special Adviser to the Attorney General of Nigeria (1988-1992), and later became the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Lagos State in 1999 reappointed for a second term in 2003. During the period of his public service, he commenced the Lagos State justice reform project. A prominent feature of that project was the establishment of the Directorate for Citizens Rights (DCR) which provides free legal services and legal representation to indigent citizens of the state. This initiative gave a voice to many who would otherwise not have a way to access their rights.

As Attorney General, Prof. 'Yemi Osinbajo is credited with undertaking far-reaching significant judicial reform in Lagos State, addressing critical areas as judges recruitment, remuneration, training and discipline. In addition, he addressed access to justice for the poor by establishing appropriate institutions in the Office of the Public Defender (OPD) and the Citizens Mediation Centre (CMC). In honour of his contributions to legal reform and the development of law in Nigeria, a compendium of essays on Nigerian constitutional law was compiled. The authors of these essays were senior lawyers and law professors with a foreword provided by a past chief justice of Nigeria.

Prof. 'Yemi Osinbajo is also the Ethics Adviser to the Advisory Board of the African Development Bank and a non-executive Director of Citibank. He has served in various roles within the United Nations, United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations, United Nations African Institute for Crime Prevention, the International Criminal court for Rwanda in Arusha, Tanzania, the department of Peacekeeping operations and the United Nations Peace Operations in Somalia.

Prof. Osinbajo is Co-founder & Board Member Convention on Business Integrity and the Justice Research Institute Ltd. He has authored, co-authored and edited several books and publications including "The Unification and Reform of the Nigerian Criminal Law and Procedure Codes" ; "Law Development and Administration"; "The Annotated Civil Procedure rules of The Superior Courts in Nigeria"; and "Cross Examination: A Trial Lawyer's Most Potent Weapon". He is a member of the International Bar Association and the British Institute of International and Comparative Law and has served in the Nigerian Body of Benchers and the Council for Legal Education of Nigeria.

Prof. 'Yemi Osinbajo speaks frequently at several commercial litigation events locally and internationally and is actively involved in the pursuit of legal education reform in Nigeria. He believes that Nigeria urgently needs a common sense revolution that's why he is fully committed to the task of rebuilding this nation alongside General Muhammadu Buhari.

Prof. 'Yemi Osinbajo is a spiritual leader who is dedicated to the promotion of ethics and orderliness. He is married to Oludolapo Osinbajo, (grandchild of Obafemi Awolowo) and together they have three children.

Get Involved


There can be Change only when we vote for the right candidate. History is shaped by people who take action.



Step 1: A Nigerian citizen who is eligible to vote, goes to the INEC website to locate his Polling Unit.

Step 2: The citizen goes to the chosen Polling Unit to register

Step 3: The citizen would have his/her picture taken and his/her details captured.

Step 4: The citizen would be given a Voter ID card which makes him/her eligible to vote on election day.



Step 1: Go to the Polling Unit you were registered with your voter registration card ad join the queue

Step 2: Present your Voter registration card to the INEC official and ensure that your name is the register

Step 3: Your finger would be marked with ink to show that you have been accredited.



Step 1: Join the queue with the intention of casting your vote

Step 2: When it gets to your turn, ensure your name is ticked in the voter register

Step 3: You would be given a ballot paper listing out the political parties

Step 4: Enter the booth and select your preferred candidate

Step 5: Place your ballot paper in the ballot box

This information is from the Independent National Electoral Commission. For more information, please visit the INEC website at: bit.ly/votereducation


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